Honey and Pine

There’s this thing I want to tell you, but I can’t. Such a lovely day we’re having, just the two of us. You’re lying on the grass, and we’re chatting about something or other. We always have something to talk about. We resonate like the fifths on a violin: when we hit the correct pitch, … Continue reading Honey and Pine

18. When he cries

<< 17. Confirmation, contradiction, confusion “Did you find a therapist?” the family counselor asked Urban. My husband hasn’t found a therapist. I understand his inhibition. It took me years to pinpoint and accept my issues and finally ask for help. God knows it’s not easy. You need some time for the idea to settle inside … Continue reading 18. When he cries

16. Reassessing two decades

<< 15. Don’t be a superhero / 17. Confirmation, contradiction, confusion >> Things have changed. Not just the little things my doctor expected, like less stress, more calmness, better interactions and fewer fights in our family. Yes, these aspects of life are improving, but they’re not what I want to talk about today. The more … Continue reading 16. Reassessing two decades


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Hi, I’m Nora, lover of words and literature. I have a PhD in astrophysics but my passion lies in writing, editing, reading, and everything that has to do with language.

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